Tax and Business Seminar

If you want to learn how to pay less money in taxes and keep more of the money you make, you need to attend our Tax and Business Seminar. During this seminar, we will discuss many important and relevant IRS and State tax and business topics including but not limited to:

  • How to pay less money in taxes by taking advantage of all allowable business deductions like: the home office, cell phone, mileage, meals, entertainment, travel, advertising, marketing, consultant fees, education, equipment, start up expenses, organizational expenses, legal, equipment, car leases, and much, much more.
  • The tax benefits and consequences of selecting the right business structure: LLC vs. S-Corp.
  • The importance of having accurate business records that track and prove every single business expense you list on your tax returns.
  • The importance of not commingling your personal income/expenses, with your business income/expenses and the awful consequences if you do.
  • A legitimate business versus a hobby.
  • The importance of personal and business tax planning.
  • How your divorce and/or legal separation can adversely affect your taxes.
  • Innocent Spouse status.
  • Interest and penalty abatements.
  • Tax Benefits of 401K contributions.
  • The serious tax consequences for cashing out your retirement early.
  • Educational Tax Credits for you and the kids.
  • All things tax related to charitable contributions of time and money.
  • Gift tax issues to consider when giving business gifts.
  • Capital gains versus capital losses.
  • Amending previously filed tax returns to get it right.
  • Obama Care and the Affordable Care Act Tax Penalty.
  • The late filing penalty and quarterly tax payments.
  • How to resolve and your IRS and/or FTB back tax problem.
  • How to avoid getting into trouble with the IRS and FTB.
  • IRS Fresh Start Tax Programs.

The Tax and Business Seminar is approximately 90 minutes in duration and is presented by one of the nation’s leading tax experts ‘The Tax Lady’, Roni Deutch.

To attend please fill out the registration form or call us today at 1.844.463.3882.


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